Are your firewalls configured correctly? Are the rulesets effective? A firewall review help remove any doubt and give you the confidence that your devices are doing the jobs they’re designed to do

Firewalls are often the first layer of protection for most networks. Over time as environments evolve and mature, legacy rules often remain which are either ineffective or sometimes dangerous to have laying around. Whether it’s a full device configuration review or a cursory look over the rulesets in play, this service will aid in highlighting potential misconfigurations, hopefully before the bad guys get a look in!

Our Approach

Our previous experience and involvement with firewall and security appliance rollouts make us ideal candidates for ensuring the configuration of your devices provides your network with a satisfactory level of protection. We have first hand experience with devices from top vendors and combined with our security know-how we can spot holes, misconfigured rules and suggest remedial action that’ll aid in providing a more secure baseline.

For further information on the engagement specifics, please contact one of the technical team.


Why choose a firewall assessment?

  • Over time legacy rulesets often remain and can become bloated, where open and unused rules can be easy to miss during a cursory glance of the web interface. Some or many of these rules may have a detrimental effect on the overall protection provided by the devices
  • Can be used to provide a point in time assessment of the devices. These may then be compared to previously measured baselines and aid in the identification of security weaknesses that may have since been introduced