Red Team Engagement

Penetration testing assesses your organisation’s digital assets. Red teaming assesses your organisation’s resiliency and effectiveness to withstand a focused adversarial threat. It is a true test of technical, procedural and human elements.

Our red team engagements are real-life simulations that address determined threat actors. It combines multiple attack strategies in order to gain access to your organisation’s critical assets, therefore testing every element of your organisation’s security posture. These strategies can include but are not limited to technical attacks, social engineering, spear phishing and wireless attacks, allowing for avenues of attack that traditional penetration testing alone does not address.

Objective based exercises that validate your organisation’s security posture

Unlike penetration testing, red teaming is not designed to find as many vulnerabilities as possible and exploit them, but instead to identify and exploit the best route to compromise with the highest likelihood of success and least chance of detection.

Our red team engagements are uniquely planned and executed for each client. They are therefore longer engagements and we only recommend organisations who already have a mature cyber security program including regular penetration testing consider them.