Penetration Testing

Our in-depth manual testing of your infrastructure, networks and applications guarantees you are always one step ahead of hackers. A proactive approach rather than a reactive one is the best way forward.

Vulnerability Assessment

By identifying weaknesses within your digital assets, we can fix security issues and ensure your data is protected from attack. Your business-critical information is in safe hands with

Build Review

Preparation is always key and with our Build Review, you will be confident that you are prepared for anything. Gain peace of mind and eliminate exposure to attackers right from the start.

Red Team Engagement

How resilient is your organisation from a focused adversarial threat? Find out with Red Team Engagements. We use real-life simulations tailored to your organisation to test every element of your cyber security.

Phishing Assessment

Cyber security is a people problem, not just a technical one. Our tailored phishing assessments help identify the human attack surface as well as ensuring your perimeter controls are thwarting external threats.

Active Directory Password Audit

The strength of your password can be the difference between your organisation’s security and a serious attack. It may sound simple, but our unique password audit will make sure your passwords are reliable and resilient.

Cloud Security Audit

As more organisations move services to the cloud, the potential security impact to your data has never been more important. Our cloud security audits rigorously check your environment to identify weaknesses that could degrade security and add risk.

Cyber security training: We teach skills to prevent & protect.

Cyber security services & training: Secure & protect your future with

We resolve your security challenges with unparalleled cyber security services and training. is a specialist cyber security consultancy providing technical services that help to identify, assess and mitigate cyber risks. We’re here to help every organisation both prevent and protect their infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

We do this by also offering training courses for teams and management; to raise awareness and teach skills to ensure your data is always safe and secure. You’ll have no more cyber insecurities once you’ve worked with

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FREE Workshop – Catch Me If You Can: Seeing Red Through Blue

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FREE Cyber Awareness

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Password Cracking 101+1