Cyber Security Services & Training

As cyber security threats continue to evolve, so must your approach to the identification, assessment and mitigation of risk.

Our unparalleled suite of technical security services and training enable organisations to be resilient, adapt to change, provide peace of mind and stay secure.

We’re in security to prevent insecurity.


Technical Services

Whether your requirements involve internal network, perimeter, application, password or human element testing, we’ve got you covered.

Penetration Testing

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Our penetration testing service involves intensive manual testing to assess the security posture of your infrastructure, networks and applications.

Vulnerability Assessment

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We’ll identify the potential attack surface of your internal & external assets so you can see which areas of your organisation are most at risk.

Build Review

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We’ll assess your server, workstation and device builds, identifying flaws that could allow for elevated privileges or host compromise.

Red Team

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Red team engagements allow your organisation to benchmark your current security posture against a determined threat model.

Password Audit

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Our password audits test the resiliency of your passwords against attack, identifying the accounts most at risk of compromise.

Phishing Assessment

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We’ll identify your levels of perimeter security and awareness, helping you reduce the chances of opening the door for an attacker.

Hacking Training

Our popular Hacking Enterprises training is taught internationally at global security conferences including Black Hat. Deeply immersive and hands-on, it will arm you with the knowledge and skills to progress.

Keeping CISO’s in the loop with the latest cyber security news

Where do you get your cyber news from? Do you feel like your valuable time is wasted on trying to keep up to date instead of managing your organisation’s risk? Let us do the heavy lifting for you with a ready-to-go Feedly list of curated resources.

Make sure your passwords are resilient to attack

ITWorld Canada covers our co-founder Will Hunt’s talk at SecTor – Security Education Conference in Toronto, providing some secure password guidance for a non-technical audience.

Using ELK to detect out of band DNS exfiltration

DNS is a necessity and its traffic is nearly always allowed out of networks. Would you know if your data was being stolen using DNS instead of traditional channels?

See how you can stay one step ahead and visualise some indicators of compromise using ELK.

Starting out in cyber security

Are you looking to start a career in cyber security? Maybe you’re already in IT and looking to shift into the security space? Rehan Bari, our newest member of the team shares his thoughts on training, experience and his journey into this exciting field.


Don’t miss our upcoming events, training, talks and workshops.


21/04/21 – 23/04/21

Hacking Enterprises – 2021 Edition

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Virtual
  • Provider / Conference: BruCon Spring Training
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04/05/21 – 07/05/21

Hacking Enterprises – 2021 Edition

  • Duration: 4x ½ days
  • Location: Virtual
  • Provider / Conference: Wild West Hackin’ Fest
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24/05/21 – 25/05/21

Defending Enterprises

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location: Virtual
  • Provider / Conference: QA
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