We’re In securIty to prevent insecurity

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Over a decade’s experience in IT security combined with trainers that have taught in the world’s biggest security conferences, allows us to provide unparalleled penetration testing, cyber security and education services across the globe.

We listen to your challenges and understand them. We know every environment is different, so our tailored approach to each engagement ensures your unique requirements are addressed to provide the best value possible and reduce your risk. If you know what you’re after, great, we’re here to help. If you’re a little unsure we’ll discuss your concerns and advise, providing peace of mind and assurance that the service you require, if you need one, is fit for purpose. We’re qualified hackers (the good kind) and whether we’re helping secure you through advice, testing or training, we’ll try and keep you one step ahead of the other hackers (the bad kind).


We offer a variety of services to address your cyber security challenges. Whether your requirements involve internal network, perimeter, application, password or human element testing, we’ve got you covered.

Our penetration testing services involve intensive manual testing to assess the security posture of your infrastructure, networks and applications

We’ll identify the potential attack surface of your internal and external assets so you can see what areas are most at risk

We’ll assess your server, workstation and device builds, identifying flaws that could allow users or attackers alike to escalate privileges or compromise the host

Our red team engagements allow your organisation to benchmark your current security posture against a determined threat model

Our password audit analyses and reviews your passwords, testing their resiliency against attack and identifying the passwords most at risk of compromise


We’ll identify your organisation’s levels of perimeter security and awareness, helping you reduce the chances of opening the door for an attacker


in.security training courses are developed and delivered by trainers who have taught at prestigious conferences including Black Hat USA, Asia and EU.

If you’re after hands-on training, our technical course is deeply immersive and interactive, arming you with the knowledge and skills to progress. 

For insight, our awareness training offers a high-level and non-technical primer in cyber security and what to look out for.