Introducing… Hacking Enterprises

Our practical Hacking Enterprises ethical hacking training provides your team with the knowledge and skills to identify modern configuration weaknesses.

Price/availability: See our events schedule for availability

Perfect for: Companies who want to perform pen-testing in-house, pentesters who are looking to go beyond the basics

Simulating a full-scale enterprise attack scenario, the entire experience is immersive and hands-on to ensure you gain the most realistic knowledge. Designed to test, develop and extend your mindset and skills, this training course is perfect for individuals looking to tackle every stage of a complex multi-layered penetration test.’s hacking enterprises training course combines practical understanding and application to prepare you for modern day pen testing. You will attack the latest operating systems and use up-to-date techniques to identify, enumerate, exploit and compromise configuration weaknesses.

Ethical hacking course topics: What you’ll learn.

Hacking enterprises covers a wide array of topics to ensure you gain the knowledge you need:

  • MITRE ATT&CK framework primer
  • Monitoring and alerting intro using our in-lab SIEM
  • Offensive OSINT
  • IPv6 discovery, enumeration and exploitation
  • Windows and Linux enumeration and living off the land
  • Linux shells, post exploitation and privilege escalation
  • Exploitative phishing against our simulated enterprise users
  • P@ssw0rd and p@ssphras3 cracking
  • Windows exploitation and privilege escalation
  • C2 infrastructure and beacon deployment
  • Bypassing Windows Defender/AMSI and UAC
  • Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) abuse
  • Bypassing AWL (AppLocker, PowerShell CLM and Group Policy)
  • Situational awareness and domain reconnaissance
  • Pivoting, lateral movement, routing, tunnelling and SOCKS proxies
  • Abusing domain trusts
  • WMI Event Subscriptions and Scheduled Tasks for persistence
  • OOB data exfiltration
  • Domain fronting
  • CTF – putting newly learned skills to practice!

Our ethical hacking training course includes.

  • 14-days lab access after training completes
  • 14-days access to a CTF platform including subnets / hosts not seen during training
  • Discord support channel access where our security consultants are available

What you need Prerequisites.

  • Suited to system/network administrators, penetration testers and anyone working in a technical IT role
  • A firm familiarity of Windows and Linux command line syntax
  • Understanding of networking concepts
  • Previous pentesting and/or SOC experience advantageous, but not required
  • You will need to bring a laptop with local administrator/root access

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Hacking Enterprises – 2024 Red Edition

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Las Vegas @ Black Hat USA
Defending Enterprises – 2024 Edition

Defending Enterprises – 2024 Edition

Las Vegas @ Black Hat USA
Defending Enterprises – 2024 Edition

Here to help: Hacking Enterprises’ FAQs.

Where do your courses run?

Our courses are delivered and accessible in a number of locations including: live virtual training at your premises or required location, through our training partners, and/or at special events and conferences throughout the year. You can find our scheduled events in our calendar.

If I need to cancel a course, is there a charge?

Charges are dependent on the location of the course you’ve booked:
– Via our training partners: Contact the respective training partner for all amendment/cancellation queries
– At a conference or special event: Contact the respective conference/event coordinator for all amendment/cancellation queries
– At your premises/required location or via live virtual training: No cancellation fee until 21 days before the course is scheduled to run, after which a 50% cancellation fee is incurred. Cancellations 7 days or less before the course is scheduled to run incur a 100% cancellation fee.

I would like to purchase additional hacklab access, is there an option for this?

Of course – If your 14-day complementary access isn’t enough, you can purchase a 28-day extension.