Web application security testing

Our web application security testing involves extensive manual checks supported by automated scanning which ensures operational and business logic flaws are rapidly detected, assessed and exploited to identify potential business risk. No stone is left unturned with In.security.

External network penetration testing

Security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your public facing infrastructure will be identified and exploited by simulating a remote, unauthenticated attacker. This will detect whether your perimeter can be breached to gain access to your internal networks. 

Internal network testing

In addition to external network testing, we also deliver internal network testing. Also using a simulated attacker, we will identify and exploit security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your internal networks from behind your perimeter firewall.

Wireless network assessment

In.security has got you covered with our wireless network assessments. They will identify flaws in your wireless authentication mechanisms, potential rogue access points on your premises, and weaknesses in network segregation/isolation. No matter what testing you require, we can deliver.

Cloud testing

Our cloud penetration testing service ensures your cloud-deployed systems and applications are secure and robust. By identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your cloud environment, you will gain a better understanding of your cloud estate’s security posture and how you can reduce your attack surface.

What is penetration testing?.

Penetration testing, is an ethical form of assessing the abilities of your cyber infrastructure. In a completely safe way, pen testing will identify, exploit and assist in the remeditation of vulnerabilities across internal computer systems, as well as web applications and websites.

Penetration testing replicates the conditions of a genuine cyber attack, which allows you to understand the capabilities of your current setup, and make necessary changes where applicable. On the whole penetration testing is a hugely beneficial, and cost effective, way of ensuring that your cyber security framework is as safe as can be.

  • Identify risk before receiving the final report
  • Vulnerability severity ratings to quickly assess impact
  • Exploitation with proof of concept attack flows
  • Likelihood & impact metrics
  • Remedial action and SIEM threat detection logic (if applicable)
  • Account credential checks in historic data breaches

We’re a penetration testing company.

Simulate real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures with In.security’s penetration testing services.

Staying one step ahead of hackers is essential when it comes to keeping your IP safe. We take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one, to ensure that your organisation’s infrastructure is always prepared and protected.

With in-depth manual testing of your systems, networks and applications, our penetration testing assesses the attack surface of your infrastructure and attempts to exploit identified vulnerabilities using real-world techniques. From there, we can strengthen your security posture for the future.

Our tried & tested penetration testing process.


First of all, we will define your requirements and the engagement window availability to conduct the penetration testing within.


Once the engagement window is confirmed and authorised, our teams will liaise to identify agreed points of contact and the client update schedule.

Engagement Phases

We will perform reconnaissance and identify your vulnerabilities and attack surface. Exploitation of these weaknesses will then allow us to gather information, attempt to escalate privileges and laterally move within your organisation, highlighting any potential for organisational compromise.


After the penetration test engagement phases, we will provide detailed reports outlining an executive and technical summary. All vulnerabilities will be rated by severity, include ease of exploitation and impact metrics, and if applicable, will include an attack chain storyboard illustrating multi-stage attack chains. You will always receive recommended remedial actions to fix the issues and reduce risk.


At In.security, we deliver post-engagement communication to help guide you on the next steps and offer any expert advice you may need for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it possible to assess infrastructure onsite?

Yes, we can attend your premises for assessments, especially for services such as internal infrastructure/web application testing or wireless assessments. We can also operate remotely too and still yield the same results; all of our services are offered globally.

How quickly can you start with engagement?

Depending on your requirements, we can often start engagement within 48 hours.

Do you offer managed service contracts?

Yes, we do. If, over an agreed period of time, you require a significant amount of testing and/or training, either ad-hoc or at regular intervals, we can help. We can set up a pool of pen testing days, training courses, or both, that can be used when you require them. Plus, our managed service contracts attract a discounted rate.

How quickly can I get a report for a pen test?

After the engagement finishes, we will compile our report and get it back to you within five working days – but will always strive to get it to you sooner.

Is it possible to perform a penetration test out of office hours?

Yes, we can work at your requested times. However, explicit out of hours testing may incur an additional charge.

Do you run denial of service tests? Should I expect service outages during a penetration test?

Due to the inherent nature of penetration testing and red team engagement, we can never fully rule out the possibility of service instability. However, we will make every effort to ensure the risk is minimised. We will never carry out denial of service (DoS) tests.

Tailored reporting.

To evaluate and address the specified risks to your business, In.security compile a detailed report that is tailored to your organisation.

Where testing highlights potential organisational compromise or where multiple steps were required to achieve a significant adversarial goal or objective, our attack storyboards assist in understanding both the technical attack flow and to identify root cause failures in both technical and/or human elements.

As well as metrics and processes explained, we will also provide advice and guidance that will help protect you in the future.

  • Specialists in our field
  • Technical and logic vulnerability analysis
  • Unparalleled cyber security services
  • Business and technical risks identified
  • Flexible penetration testing, for infrastructure of all sizes