Perfect for: Pentesters, Red Teamers and password cracking enthusiasts

Learn new password cracking techniques, how to tailor these to the hashes you have, and more during this intensive 4-hour training with We specialise in password cracking and have given several conference talks on the topic.

From dictionaries and rules to brute force and custom masks, you will get a hands-on experience of a huge variety of modern password cracking techniques with this course. Increase your success rate with hybrid, combinator/passphrase, PRINCE and fingerprint attacks from our team.

No matter whether your attacks fail or hit dead ends, our intensive training includes explanation and deconstruction of more advanced, non-deterministic attacks design for infinite runtimes. Tailor your strategy and find the techniques that work for you in this 4-hour training course with the experts. We’ve got you covered!

Course topics What you’ll learn.

Password cracking 101 + 1 covers a wide array of topics across the entire day to ensure you gain the knowledge you need:

  • Attack toolsets and planning
  • Online attacks and considerations
  • Dictionaries and rules
  • Masks, customer character set & hybrid attacks
  • Brute force use cases
  • Combinator passphrase breaking and delimiters
  • Password protected files
  • Candidate generation and target-specific wordlists
  • Expander, Fingerprint, PRINCE and non-deterministic attack techniques
  • Unknown hashes/variable iteration testing
  • Foreign character and emoji attacks
  • Attack analysis

What you need Prerequisites.

  • No specific requirements necessary
  • Attendees will be supplied with a Linux VM (VirtualBox/OVA) pre-installed with all required tools and wordlists

Technical training & workshops Upcoming events & workshops.

FREE Workshop – Catch Me If You Can: Seeing the Red Through the Blue

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FREE Workshop – Catch Me If You Can: Seeing the Red Through the Blue

Cyber Awareness

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Cyber Awareness

Defending Enterprises For Threat Hunters

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Defending Enterprises For Threat Hunters

Here to help Frequently asked question.

Where do your courses run?

Our courses are delivered and accessible in a number of locations including: live virtual training at your premises or required location, through our training partners, and/or at special events and conferences throughout the year. You can find our scheduled events in our calendar.

If I need to cancel a course, is there a charge?

Charges are dependent on the location of the course you’ve booked:
– Via our training partners: Contact the respective training partner for all amendment/cancellation queries
– At a conference or special event: Contact the respective conference/event coordinator for all amendment/cancellation queries
– At your premises/required location or via live virtual training: No cancellation fee until 21 days before the course is scheduled to run, after which a 50% cancellation fee is incurred. Cancellations 7 days or less before the course is scheduled to run incur a 100% cancellation fee.

I would like to purchase additional hacklab access, is there an option for this?

Of course – If your 14-day complementary access isn’t enough, you can purchase a 28-day extension.