Perfect for: IT/Security and general management positions

Secure and protect your organisation’s data by enhancing your cyber awareness culture amongst your team with this free awareness training primer.

Reduce the risk of potential cyber security risks and receive actionable guidance from our experts in our course.

With live demos, practical examples and real-life case studies, you will feel confident in delivering cyber security within your company by coming to Improve the knowledge and resilience of your staff in the future to strengthen your protection again cyber attacks, threats and hackers.

Course topics What you’ll learn.

Cyber awareness covers a wide array of topics across the course to ensure you gain deep insight into the knowledge you need:

  • Digital footprints
  • Attack surface reduction
  • Remote working
  • Hacking humans (with demo)
  • [email protected] ins3cur1ty! (with demo)

This course includes.

  • Heightened awareness
  • Actionable advice
  • Expert knowledge without the jargon

What you need Prerequisites.

  • No specific requirements necessary, but existing IT knowledge beneficial
  • An interest and drive into making your organisation’s infrastructure safer and more secure

Technical training & workshops Upcoming events & workshops.

FREE Workshop – Catch Me If You Can: Seeing the Red Through the Blue

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FREE Workshop – Catch Me If You Can: Seeing the Red Through the Blue

Cyber Awareness

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Cyber Awareness

Defending Enterprises For Threat Hunters

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Defending Enterprises For Threat Hunters

Here to help Frequently asked question.

Where do your courses run?

Our courses are delivered and accessible in a number of locations including: live virtual training at your premises or required location, through our training partners, and/or at special events and conferences throughout the year. You can find our scheduled events in our calendar.

If I need to cancel a course, is there a charge?

Charges are dependent on the location of the course you’ve booked:
– Via our training partners: Contact the respective training partner for all amendment/cancellation queries
– At a conference or special event: Contact the respective conference/event coordinator for all amendment/cancellation queries
– At your premises/required location or via live virtual training: No cancellation fee until 21 days before the course is scheduled to run, after which a 50% cancellation fee is incurred. Cancellations 7 days or less before the course is scheduled to run incur a 100% cancellation fee.

I would like to purchase additional hacklab access, is there an option for this?

Of course – If your 14-day complementary access isn’t enough, you can purchase a 28-day extension.