Awareness Training

This one day primer will arm you with everything you need to know about how hackers think and operate without the techie bits

Aimed at management, non-technical employees or individuals seeking insight, our 1-day course provides high level understanding into how an attacker may target you or your company. Covering potential methods of compromise, how to spot a phish, good cyber hygiene, password security and everything in between, we will help you learn what to look out for and how to evaluate and address your threat model and risk.

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Our awareness course will open your eyes to the world of We’ll expose you to some of the tricks threat actors use and how to avoid falling victim. We’ll arm you with practical examples, how to protect yourself and all the cyber know-how in an enjoyable and fun environment which we pride ourselves on.

cyber security awareness

Over the course of the day’ll you’ll gain insight into…

  • A day in the life of a hacker
  • Keeping yourself secure online
  • Social engineering (phishing & vishing)
  • [email protected] 101
  • Case studies
  • Current & future threat landscapes


Just an insatiable thirst for cyber security awareness!