You’ve created a gold build and want to ensure the build is adequately secured before rolling it out to the wider environment. Or maybe you want to ensure your firewall rule sets are configured correctly and keeping out unwanted data

We’ll ensure that your gold images, whether they’re Windows or Linux, conform to best security practices prior to deployment within your enterprise. It’s common knowledge that it’s easier and more time efficient to make a single change on an image than to make an identical change on 1000+ hosts, so why skip such a crucial step in the chain? A build review will provide not only a more assured rollout process, but also peace of mind that your new hosts are not exposing vulnerabilities to users and attackers from the start.

Moving from the host to the perimeter, firewalls are often the first layer of protection for most networks. Over time as environments evolve and mature, legacy rules often remain which are either ineffective or sometimes dangerous to have laying around. Whether it’s a full device configuration review or a cursory look over the rulesets in play, this service will aid in highlighting potential misconfigurations, hopefully before the bad guys get a look in!

 System Build Review

Your gold images will be scrutinised to ensure that they meet security best practices and provide no quick wins for an attacker or curious user. We’ll acquire data from the devices using commercial, open source and custom in-house toolsets to ensure that the greatest possible coverage is given to each and every image that is assessed.

Firewall/Appliance Review

Our previous experience and involvement with firewall and security appliance rollouts make us ideal candidates for ensuring the configuration of your devices provides your network with a satisfactory level of protection. We have first hand experience with devices from top vendors and combined with our security know-how we can spot holes, misconfigured rules and suggest remedial action that’ll aid in providing a more secure baseline.

Why choose a build review?

  • If you’re planning on a new system rollout, be it client facing workstations or Internet facing servers, it’s always a good idea to verify that each image meets best security practices.
  • Can be used to provide a point in time assessment of the devices. These may then be compared to previously measured baselines and aid in the identification of security weaknesses that may have since been introduced.
  • Over time legacy firewall rulesets often remain and can become bloated, where open and unused rules can be easy to miss during a cursory glance of the web interface. Some or many of these rules may have a detrimental effect on the overall protection provided by the devices.