Build Review

You’ve created a new gold build and want to ensure the build is adequately secured before rolling it out to your organisation, or maybe you want to ensure your firewall rule sets are configured correctly and keeping out unwanted data and threat actors? Our workstation and firewall reviews have you covered either way.

system image review

System Build Review

Your gold images will be scrutinised to ensure they do not provide quick wins for an attacker or curious user. We acquire device data using commercial, open source and custom in-house tool sets, so maximum coverage is achieved from every image assessed.

Our build reviews provide an assured roll out process. This offers peace of mind that your new hosts are not exposing vulnerabilities to users and attackers from the start.

Ensure both your perimeter and workstations are ‘secure by default’

We intricately analyse the security configuration of your images and perimeter appliances, ensuring any default ‘out of the box’ configurations that may contain vulnerabilities are rapidly identified and secured.

Don’t let security be an afterthought, keep your devices secure by default.

firewall review

Firewall / Appliance Review

Our in-house expertise with devices from top brands allows us to identify insecure rules and device settings. We provide reassurance that your perimeter sufficiently protects you from unwanted threat actors trying to break in, whilst also ensuring your internal assets are not potentially letting anything sensitive out.