This one day primer will arm you with everything you need to know about how hackers think and operate without the techie bits

Aimed at management, employees or individuals seeking insight, this 1-day course provides high level understanding into how an attacker may target you or your company. Covering not only potential methods to compromise and subsequent impact, but also good cyber hygiene and password security, we will help you learn what to look out for, as well as evaluate and address your threat model and risk.


Our awareness course will open your eyes to the world of! In this 1-day primer, we’ll expose you to some of the tricks the bad guys use and how to avoid falling victim. We’ll arm you with all the cyber know-how in a enjoyable and fun environment (we pride ourselves on this!). You won’t be getting the death by PowerPoint treatment here, but rather practical examples coupled with the “what to do’s” to cover all bases. A brief overview of the topics covered can be seen below:

  • A day in the life of a hacker
  • Keeping yourself secure online
  • Social engineering (phishing & vishing)
  • [email protected] 101
  • Case studies
  • Current & future threat landscapes

This session will be extremely interactive, provoking lots of thought, discussion and most certainly awareness! We’ll show you how the bad guys identify your digital footprint, provide examples of things to look out for when checking emails, we’ll even provide live demonstrations showing how the bad guys crack even seemingly complex passwords quickly!


An insatiable thirst for cyber knowledge (otherwise, none!)


Whether you’re training for a qualification, learning how to break things or you want some high-level insight into the ways you may be attacked, we’ve got you covered.

Our courses are developed and delivered by trainers who have taught at many bespoke training events throughout the world, as well as Black Hat USA, Asia and EU.

We provide intensive and deeply practical hands-on training in hacking techniques, as well as a management course that helps identify what you need to be aware of without the technical know-how. training


We train anywhere and everywhere…

  • At your premises or required location
  • Through our training partners
  • Live virtual training
  • At special events and conferences throughout the year Certification


After training concludes you will receive our Awareness certificate to add to your trophy collection.