Active Directory Password Audit

Unlike many free tools that provide statistics based on breached credentials alone, our unique Active Directory password security audit attacks your passwords in the same way a threat actor would, identifying where your credential risks lie so that you to mitigate them, increasing the strength of your organisational policy and security culture in the process.

Modern hardware has provided attackers a platform on which they can attempt to unscramble passwords at blistering speeds.

Using our custom password attack system, advanced attack techniques and in-house custom password rule sets, we will attempt to break your passwords just as an attacker would.

Are your organisation’s passwords resilient to attack?

You’ll receive a detailed report of your organisation’s Active Directory password security levels with actionable results. We do not display any assessed passwords in our reports (clear text or scrambled) irrespective of whether attacks were successful or not.

After the audit you’ll receive detailed analysis of:

  • Attack success rates
  • Timing metrics to highlight ease or difficulty of a successful attack
  • Breakdown of standard and privileged accounts at risk
  • Identification of password reuse
  • Accounts with expired passwords
  • Email address and password checks for presence in past data breaches
  • Identification of weaknesses against the NIST SP 800-63B password standard
  • Expert tailored advice to help increase your resiliency to future attack