A penetration test is a method for which systems, devices, networks and applications are tested for security vulnerabilities by a human

This brings a logical aspect of testing and therefore issues can be identified, exploited and leveraged that would likely be missed by signature based vulnerability assessment products alone. Whether you want to assess the security posture of a system, application, network or an entire organisation, we will identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible during the engagement. By exploiting these security weaknesses we’re able to show you how far an attacker could get if they were to find them first.

Our Approach

A penetration test comprises of several stages, outlined below:

  • Information gathering
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Exploitation
  • Privilege escalation
  • Lateral movement
  • Organisational compromise

After the assessment you will receive a detailed report outlining the identified vulnerabilities ordered by criticality, methods of exploitation, as well as likelihood and impact metrics that will assist you in evaluating and addressing the risk to your business. We will also provide remedial steps to ensure your security posture is strengthened moving forward.

For further information on the engagement specifics, please contact one of the technical team.


Why choose a Penetration Test?

  • It provides a point in time assessment of your environment which serves not only as a benchmark for ongoing security programs, but to assure your clients who may require evidence of your security posture
  • Consider a penetration test if you want to see how far an attacker could get by exploiting vulnerabilities, as opposed to how many vulnerabilities there are
  • The best way to locate, assess and measure logical security vulnerabilities that wouldn’t be found using automated tools
  • Ideal if you want to identify the overall security posture of a specific set of systems, devices or applications