Please check our training schedule below for upcoming courses with us and our training partners

For further information, contact us on [email protected] or +44 (0)333 210 1337

See below for a schedule of our Hacking Enterprises training.

2019 Training Dates

Date Location Provider/Conference
22nd – 23rd South Dakota Wild West Hackin’ Fest


Date Location Provider/Conference
25th – 29th London QA


Date Location Provider/Conference
2nd – 5th London 44CON


2020 Training Dates

Date Location Provider/Conference
24th – 28th London QA


Date Location Provider/Conference
18th – 22nd London QA


Whether you’re training for a qualification, learning how to break things or you want some high-level insight into the ways you may be attacked, we’ve got you covered.

Our courses are developed and delivered by trainers who have taught at many bespoke training events throughout the world, as well as Black Hat USA, Asia and EU.

We provide intensive and deeply practical hands-on training in hacking techniques, as well as an management course that helps identify what you need to be aware of without the technical know-how.

If all of this wasn’t good enough already, booking two or more places on a single course gets you a 15% discount! training


We train anywhere and everywhere…

  • At your premises or required location
  • At a training location arranged by us
  • Through our training partners
  • Live virtual training
  • At special events and conferences throughout the year Certification


This course doesn’t just test the theory, it tests your understanding and application of the content. After sitting the training course you will receive the Exploiting certificate. Hack Lab


All students on our technical course will receive 14 days of free access to our labs after the course ends. Our training is intensive and we know it’s hard to retain everything learned during an event, so your extended access will allow you to continue to practice and sharpen your skills! If your insatiable thirst for hacking still isn’t satisfied you can also optionally purchase more time afterwards. Certification


All students on our technical course will receive a complementary hackpack! This includes a Raspberry Pi containing a pre-configured Kali Linux installation, a wireless mouse/keyboard, a copy of the Red Team Field Manual (RTFM), 14-days access to our labs and 14-days access to our Slack support channel!