A vulnerability assessment is the fastest and most cost-effective way to gain an understanding of security weaknesses in your environment that may be targeted

These scans are based on known vulnerabilities such as missing patches, out of date software or device misconfigurations to name a few. We can provide an automated vulnerability assessment targeting your internal and external assets, along with a customized report that includes identified vulnerabilities and useful remedial advice.

Our Approach

Our vulnerability assessments ascertain the attack surface of your external and internal IT estate. Using automated vulnerability scanning we will identify and quantify potential vulnerabilities as well as measure their severity.

After the assessment finishes our report will clearly outline the identified vulnerabilities in order of severity. For each vulnerability we’ll provide a description of the issue, detail which hosts are affected and provide remedial action to help you plug the holes.


Why choose a vulnerability assessment?

  • Consider this if you haven’t performed any type of security assessment previously and want a cursory look at the potential attack surface of your assets

  • Useful if you don’t require exploitative testing (penetration testing) to see how far an attacker can get

  • A relatively quick and cheap method to identify known signature based security vulnerabilities