Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessments are the fastest and most cost-effective way to gain an understanding of security weaknesses in your environment

Our vulnerability assessments identify the attack surface of your external and internal IT estate. Using automated vulnerability scanning we can identify and quantify potential vulnerabilities, measuring their severity and likelihood of exploitation.

Rapid attack surface discovery with actionable results

Vulnerability scanning has several benefits:

  • Locating common signature based threats
  • Regular scanning provides benchmarks that new threats can be rapidly identified from
  • Remedial prioritisation through quick identification of surface level risk
  • Reducing costs and freeing up internal resources

Vulnerability scanning differs from penetration testing, in that vulnerability scanning is designed to identify as many potential avenues of attack as possible, whereas penetration testing attempts to leverage and exploit identified vulnerabilities to demonstrate potential impact to the business.

Your report will clearly validated and verified vulnerabilities, ordered be criticality that can be quickly acted upon. Each vulnerability will contain a detailed description, identify affected hosts and provide recommended remedial action to help you plug the holes.