Wireless assessments test the security and isolation of your corporate and guest Wi-Fi as well as help identify rogue access points

You’ve locked down your physical perimeter. Camera and buzzer on the front door, turnstile with swipe card at reception and burly security guards pacing the corridors. But did you check the suspicious character in the car holding a laptop and antenna?

Our range of wireless security testing services provide peace of mind that your air waves are secure for your employees and guests, thwarting potential nearby threats from gaining access. 

Our Approach

Whether you’re looking to assess the isolation of your wireless networks, the chance of an attacker gaining access or the detection of rogue access points, we can help.

Our wireless assessments can help you identify:

  • Whether an unauthenticated user can gain access to any of your wireless networks
  • Whether guest access can inadvertently access production systems via a network that you believed was segregated
  • Whether any rogue access points exist on your premises that could provide an attacker a way into your internal network

For further information on the engagement specifics, please contact one of the in.security technical team.


Why choose a wireless assessment?

  • Useful for testing whether unauthenticated users can gain access to your wireless networks
  • Consider this if you need assurance that multiple wireless networks are appropriately segregated and configured securely
  • Useful for identifying rogue access points in large premises