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Keeping CISOs in the loop with the latest cybersecurity news.

Keeping up to date with latest news and attacks in cybersecurity is not only a must for individuals involved in the IT security sector, but for everyone. It is an ever evolving field and attackers are always finding new and inventive ways to exploit companies and individuals alike.

It’s not easy for the ‘non-techie’ individuals who may feel overwhelmed by the jargon used in articles by certain websites and therefore do not pay attention. Many people still also think that they or their company will not be affected for whatsoever reason. As no one is impenetrable, why take the risk?

It is important for everyone to take notice. Only by working together and being proactive when identifying the latest threats can we prevent/minimise potential damage. In this blog, we have put together a Feedly list containing websites that we believe are useful resources for CISOs. These websites are in our opinion not deeply technical but convey the right amount of information at the right level to allow you to effectively identify and assess risk. Staying up to date with the latest news will give you an understanding and keep you aware of what is going on around you, which may one day help you and your company avoid being the victim of a cyber attack.


Feedly is a great free app (there are also paid options available) that compiles all the latest news/articles for your convenience in one place. Rather than having to continually check and maintain many individual feeds, such as LinkedIn, Dark Reading, Twitter etc., Feedly can be given a list of resources from which (only) news you’re interested in is displayed after you’ve set up some relevant feeds.

Feedly can be downloaded here and our curated list of resources (listed below) can be downloaded in a ready to go Feedly format here.

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