Blog: Security

What Can We Do About Ransomware?

A ransomware attack can be potentially devastating to a business or organisation. Essentially, it means that your important files are being held captive and will not be released unless you pay a price. More and more of these attacks are happening every year, and their success rate means that they are an attractive option for… Read More

Secure [email protected] Tips for World Password Day!

Passwords continue to be one of the main contributors in compromise and cyber attack. We frequently identify and exploit password vulnerabilities during our security assessments and this was one of the driving factors behind our Active Directory Password Audit service. Although NIST revised their password security guidance a few years ago, mass adoption is still… Read More

Detecting Lateral Movement via WinRM Using KQL

Over the past few months we’ve been looking a little more into the detection methods we might use to identify strange activity within a given environment. A lot of this research stems from questions asked by our clients following a technical engagement, or questions from students that have taken our Hacking Enterprises training. With the… Read More

Keeping CISOs in the loop with the latest cybersecurity news

Keeping up to date with latest news and attacks in cybersecurity is not only a must for individuals involved in the IT security sector, but for everyone. It is an ever evolving field and attackers are always finding new and inventive ways to exploit companies and individuals alike. It’s not easy for the ‘non-techie’ individuals… Read More

Breaking into the cyber security industry

In this blog, our newest addition to the team, Rehan Bari, discusses his experiences breaking into the industry… I’m going to discuss one of the most debated topics on social media with regard to cybersecurity: Breaking into the cybersecurity industry. “There is a shortage of people in this field”. You must have heard that everywhere too, right?… Read More

Using Kibana and Packetbeat to map DNS queries

Overview: In this short post we’re going to show one visual method of mapping, and potentially identifying malicious DNS traffic within a network. We’re not going to walk through the configuration of Elastic, beats agents or Kibana and there is an assumption that UDP 53 traffic is being logged by Packetbeat on the endpoint(s). Visualisations:… Read More