Blog: CTF – walkthrough was released a little over a month ago so as promised we have now published this detailed walkthrough. As such, this article does include spoilers! The idea of the challenge was to find and practise getting root on the host using many different methods – some are easier than others ???? If you want… Read More

A cr4cking g00d time – walkthrough

Warning: This post contains spoilers! It’s been a few weeks since we released A cr4cking g00d time and we’d first like to thank everyone who gave it a go. We’ve received great feedback and are very pleased to hear that people have attained new levels of password cracking-fu in the process. Well done to @hops_ch… Read More

A cr4cking g00d time – 12 challenges. 1 cryptocurrency prize!

Edit: Well done to @hops_ch for being the first to complete and win the prize! The reason we offer a Password Audit service is because we’re passionate about ensuring our clients are adequately protecting their accounts from compromise. The varied methods that can be used to attack passwords inspired us to create a challenge, comprising multiple levels… Read More – practise your Linux privilege escalation foo

Here at we wanted to develop a Linux virtual machine that is based, at the time of writing, on an up-to-date Ubuntu distro (18.04 LTS), but suffers from a number of vulnerabilities that allow a user to escalate to root on the box. This has been designed to help understand how certain built-in applications… Read More